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An overview of the various locales located within wherever the Dave & Carl universe is located!

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Population: 10,000+  Unemployment rate: 4.9%

Local MP: Sasha Neighman  

Located somewhere on a coastal flat in the south of England,

Littleworth has been around for over a thousand years. Nobody will ever know why the Romans decided to inhabit this largely marshy and murky corner of the British isles.

Offering everything from a working harbour and sock shops to drunken chavs and bad teeth, Littleworth is nonetheless very much the epitome of an average English habitat...


The events of IZ88 span a range of different locations, as detailed below!


Various locales from the four (thus far) Potatoman instalments, ranging from the isle of Iztovia to the Irish capital!


Many things happen outside the town of Littleworth, and most of them are irrelevant to the daily routines of most Littleworthians. That's not to say there haven't been a fair few adventures elsewhere, as the Dave & Carl universe continues to grow...

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